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Henry's Cat thought about it. He very often had indigestion because he ate too much cake. In fact the only way he knew had eaten enough was when he got indigestion.

"Oh, I know. It's to make people think they've eaten too much cake."

"You've got it, you've got it. And why do they want to make people think they've eaten too much cake when they haven't?"

"Oh I know. So they will eat less cake."

"That's it, that's it. And why do they want people to eat less cake?"

Henry's Cat thought very hard.

"I expect it's so there is more cake left for them."

"Yes, yes. That's it. Aliens want to eat up all the cake in the world and take the rest back to where they live because they can't make cakes where they come from."

Henry's Cat thought about it. It all made sense. If he was an alien and couldn't make cakes then the first thing he would do would be to go to another world where they make cakes and bring them back. Chris Rabbit was very clever.

"What are we going to do then?" said Henry's Cat.

"I know, I know. We'll open up a cake shop and make special peanut cakes. They will all come and buy them and then we can catch them as they are buying them."

"No, that won't work. When we have caught a few the rest will know about it. I have a better idea. We can put microchips in the cakes that send out signals so we can follow them, then when lots of them are having a party we can go and catch them all at once."

Chris Rabbit pulled on his whiskers, which he always did when he was thinking. "But they will eat the microchips with the cake."

"That's the idea. Then we can follow them around because the chip will send out signals when it's in their tummies."

"Oh yes, very good, I didn't think of that. Well, the first thing we have to do is get a cake shop."

"Oh, I know lots of them" said Henry's Cat. In fact he was probably the world's expert on knowing where cake shops were.

They walked around inspecting a few. Henry's Cat tasted a few cakes in each shop just to make sure that everything was OK. They found one that was just perfect. It was called 'The Dinner Ladies Cake Shop' because it was run by two fat dinner ladies who cooked cakes for schools.

Henry's Cat bought some cakes and said:

"These are very nice cakes. Can we take the shopful please."

Well, the lady was very surprised. She said, "Yes of course, shall I wrap them up or will you eat them here?"

"Just leave them in the shop, we'll take that as well thank you very much," said Chris Rabbit. He then produced a chequebook and paid her on the spot, and gave her a tip of ten pence just to show how pleased he was.

Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit then got a big board and painted on 'Special Today. Peanut cakes half price' then they rang up the government and ordered a big bag of microchips that they could put in the cakes, also a load of peanuts.

It was not long before customers came in. Henry's Cat had secret cameras all around the shop so that he could see if their ears were backwards or not. At first the customers were children just coming home from school and seeing the cakes were half price bought them cheap. Then soon they got their first alien. He was dressed like a traffic warden. He said he would like a very large bag of peanut flavoured donuts, and then a sponge cake with peanut butter in, and a box of peanut biscuits. After that a lady came in asking for a peanut wedding cake for her daughter, and also a peanut birthday cake as she was getting married on her birthday. In fact business was so good that they had sold out of cakes before tea time. There was not even one left for Henry's Cat himself.

Chris Rabbit said, "I think we've done very well today. All we have to do now is tune into the microchips and find out where all the aliens are hiding."

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