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But he was not to be beaten. He also knew that aliens like peanuts, and you could always find peanut shells around them. He would just have to see if there was a peanut trail. Unfortunately the street cleaner had swept the street so there were no peanut shells to be found anywhere. This was going to be a difficult case.

Henry's Cat needed some energy. He popped into the all night cafe and bought two hamburgers, three packets of popcorn, and an ice cream. It would keep him going until he had time to eat. It needed a logical approach and a little bit of help from his friends. He knew just the person. It was Chris Rabbit. They had been together through many adventures. He remembered the time when he and Chris had been dropped out of a hot air balloon from fifty thousand feet, tied together with sticks of lighted dynamite stuck in their pockets. Chris flapped his ears like wings so they turned upside down and the dynamite fell out of their pockets. Then he glided down and landed on a haystack. That was a close one.

Henry's Cat got on his mobile phone and rang Chris. When the phone answered he could only hear a glug glug glug.

"Hallo Chris, are you alright?"

Chris answered.

"Glug glug. I'm in my bath. I can't talk because I've got a snorkel tube in my mouth. I'll call you back later, glug glug, over and out."

Henry's Cat waited. In about ten minutes Chris called him back.

"What's up, what's up. Anything exciting happening? I need something exciting to happen. What's going on?"

Henry's Cat sighed.

"Just calm down and I'll tell you. It is very serious. The Prime Minister has got indigestion, and it's all because aliens are doing very naughty things."

"Alright, alright. I'll come over right away in my supercar."

Henry's Cat shouted down the phone:

"Don't come in your car, all the signposts are wrong and the traffic lights are upside down. You'll get lost."

"No I won't because I don't take any notice of road signs and traffic lights anyway," said Chris Rabbit.

He put the phone down. Luckily for Henry's Cat Chris Rabbit only lived across the road from where he was standing. Chris waved out of the window and was beside him in a couple of minutes.

Henry's Cat looked around to see that no one was listening. As it was still very early in the morning there was no one around anyway. "We need a plan to catch the aliens. I have disguised myself as one with these false backward ears. I would have brought some for you but backward ears for rabbits are not easy to get hold of."

"Don't worry, don't worry, I can put a mask on the back of my head and walk backwards, that will fool them, it always does. I always catch aliens that way."

"Oh, that's a good idea. I can see that you're going to be a great help. What we need is a plan. They're very cunning these aliens. I suspect that if they want to take over the world and give everyone indigestion. That's just the sort of thing that aliens do."

Chris Rabbit jumped up and down.

"I've got a plan, I've got a plan. We have to imagine that we are aliens and then we can think like they think. Now if you were an alien, why would you want to give everyone indigestion?"

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