The cowboy  

Henry’s Cat rocked back and forth in this rocking chair and shouted “bang! Bang!…bang! bang!” as he pointed his finger at the TV screen and made out he was chasing bandits. He loved cowboy films and watched every one of them.

When the programme finished, the announcer said, “We have a competition for children everywhere, and that includes pussycats. We will now show you a little bit of an old cowboy film, and you have to guess what film it was, and the names of the cowboys in it.”

Well, Henry’s Cat knew everything about the film and immediately wrote it down on a postcard and sent if off.

He had completely forgotten about the competition until one day a letter arrived.
‘Dear Mr Henry’s Cat,’ it said. ‘You have won our cowboy competition, and as a prize you will spend two weeks in America living with real cowboys.’

Well, this was a surprise. Henry’s Cat immediately got on his rocking chair and practiced horse riding; pretend shooting, and lassoing the coal bucket, just to get into shape. After accidentally lassoing the table lamp and letting it fall into the custard, which then dripped into his bedroom slippers, he decided to wait till he got to America to practice.

The next week he set off on his holiday. It was the very first time he had been on an aeroplane and it was very exciting. He sat next to a little boy who could make car noises while holding his nose. Henry’s Cat was very impressed, and took out his water pistol to show him.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Jack,” said the little boy.

“Hi, Jack, I’ve got a gun,” said Henry’s Cat.

Well, what a commotion! The stewardess who was passing shouted, “It’s a hijack and he’s got a gun!” and put her hands up, which was awkward as she was carrying the dinners, and these went all over the passengers, who then all dived under their seats.

“What’s happening?” said Henry’s Cat, thinking perhaps it was lifeboat drill.

“It’s all right,” said Jack, who stood up on his seat and explained everything.

The Captain then came along and spoke to Henry’s Cat and said it was very naughty to upset everyone, but as it was his first time on an aeroplane he would forgive him and allow him to come and sit in the cockpit. He let Henry’s Cat to hold the steering wheel and steer round clouds that got in the way.

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